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Prof. Dr. Per ChristiansenLegal & HR Solutions for Media Businesses

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Focus on the Internet

Christiansen Legal Solutions is a highly specialized law consultancy for the Internet and media businesses.


With significant industry knowledge, technical expertise and long experiences in implementing and managing legal and tax models across borders we seek to contribute to the client´s success. In large projects, we do not compete but cooperate with traditional law firms adding specific value to the legal teams entrusted.


Our clients

Within our focus on the Internet, we count to our clients


  • Local or multinational internet or companies doing business in the internet
  • Industry associations and NGOs
  • Individuals with internet-related cases
  • Law and tax firms requesting project-based internet expertise




Effective advise for Internet businesses requires a thorough understanding of the economics, technology, the competitive landscape and the dynamics of the Internet.


"It is the fact that makes you win the case" is a common saying among lawyers. This is even truer than ever in the complex world of Internet and technology.


From our experience, we understand:


  • You need practical solutions that are easy to implement and add value to your enterprise.
  • In the regulatory uncertainty of the Internet, you need a concise advise on the chances and risks involved in the position you or your competitor are taking.
  • You need advise taking potential implications for other aspects of your business into consideration. Expert legal advise must also in a 360 degree perspective seek and manage the input from e.g. corporate communications, technology, marketing/distribution or your policy team.
  • Your business might quickly expand globally. Any legal solution must secure your legal compliance while allowing economies of scale on scalable global systems.


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