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Prof. Dr. Per ChristiansenLegal & HR Solutions for Media Businesses

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Welcome to Christiansen Legal Solutions

Christiansen Legal Solutions is a highly specialized law firm offering legal solutions as well as support in Human Resources for local and multinational Internet companies or media companies pursuing business in the Internet. 

Market Entry

You are planning to enter the German market? You consider acquiring customers in the European Union, hiring staff, selling advertising space to local advertisers or collecting data from German users?  We can assist your market entry in many ways.

Product check and Terms of Service

Is your product compliant with all applicable regulations? What are the risks if your product violated ecommerce regulations or data protection law? Is your limitation of liability enforceable in local courts? We offer you a complete legal review at the product concept phase, in beta testing or in live environment including the creation, adjustment or localization of your Terms of Service.

Customer processes

How to cope with law enforcement requests and disclosure? How to handle interception orders, copyright infringements or data protection complaints? How to ensure the product keeps in line with youth protection in media?

Digital Distribution

Distribution solutions for music, videos or games as well as cloud computing products have to take rights clearance, e-Commerce regulations, data protection law and tax implications into consideration.